Do you want to produce your own e-liquids? An excellent idea!

Do it with our company, step by step. Your idea combined with our support and production.

EXPRAN Sp. z o.o. has great experience in creating own brands for our Customers who appreciate our cooperation, among others, mainly due to:


Flexibility – as experts, we know what you need. That is why we immediately take action and are able to present to you our vision of your product within an extremely short period.


You are probably perfectly aware of the fact that the success of the product does not only depend on the aroma mix, but also on the comprehensive method of designing it. Our experienced team will help you:

We will help you by:

Giving access to inexpensive materials of solid quality, such as bottles, corks, labels, packaging, leaflets and other;

Testing your composition at our laboratory to reassure you that the product you offer stands out on the market thanks to its great quality;

Choosing the proper graphical composition for the whole line and put it in the strategy of the best marketing and promotion on the market as well as

Properly labeling your product in accordance with the applicable regulations of law in Poland, the EU and its individual Member States;

Supporting you in getting the flavor you expect. Do you like apple pie? Our offer includes, e.g. a dozen of various apple aromas!

Gaining a group of recipients with whom you will be able to establish long-term cooperation focused on a win-win effect.

Check out our offer! Contact us!

Do not let your ideas rot at the back of the drawer! Start producing your own products today.