EU project

"The increased competitiveness of Expran through design”

Expran Sp. z o.o. has been implementing the project co-financed from European Funds called "The increased competitiveness of Expran through design"

Description of the project: the project in question involves performing a design audit by a contractor chosen through bidding proceedings; the audit shall result in design recommendations as to further direction of development at EXPRAN included in the key document – the design strategy. EXPRAN with its registered office in Końskie is a young company with great ambitions. It has already gained recognition on the market and a large group of recipients for its products. The company focuses on the domestic market but it also expands onto foreign markets as well. Due to the need of competing with the potential of foreign companies, EXPRAN needs comprehensive changes and diversification of its offer in the current operations.

Objectives of the project:

to develop design recommendations as to direction of further development of the Company; to gain support within the scope of advanced modeling and design of current products, designing new product models, as well as reorganizing the owned resources, verifying systems regarding sales and communication with the final customer.