How are e-liquids created?

E-liquid is simply a solution that is formed by mixing proper ingredients together.

Basic ingredients of e-liquids:





The basic element of each liquid is preparation of a base based on correct proportions of monopropylene glycol (PG) and glycerin (VG). Both ingredients are safe and commonly available products. They are used, among others, in production of toothpaste, hand care products, as well as medicines and cosmetics. In the next phase of e-liquid preparation, a flavor aroma is added to the base. In the production process, we only use aromas that come from reliable and proven European sources. Our offer includes over 500 aromas, so there is a plenty to choose from. The number of flavor compositions is practically unlimited. The e-liquid prepared in such a way is ready to use. As an option, depending on our customer's demand, we can add nicotine to the liquid. We use nicotine of pharmacopeial quality, the purity of which is over 99%.